Your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Matters!

Your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)  is the rate that energy is expended while doing nothing or resting in a normal temperate room, in the post-absorptive state (the digestive system is inactive, which is roughly 12 hours since last food). The consumption of energy in this condition is used only for your vital organs, the heart, lungs and kidneys and the rest of the nervous system, liver, lungs, sex organs, muscles and skin to stay alive.

Your BMR will decrease as your age increases and with the loss of lean body mass. You can increase your bodies muscle mass to result in increases in your BMR, and lead to weight loss and or control. The latest research teams have discovered that suggests aerobic and or cardiovascular exercise can increase resting energy consumption for sometime after its been done

BMR  is measured by gas analysis through either direct or indirect calorimetry, though a rough estimation can be acquired through an equation using age, sex, height, and weight.

The researcher Spennewyn discovered that lean tissue or muscle in men and women required approximately 15-16 calories per pound per day just to stay alive. This means once a lean mass was known it could be multiplied by 15-16 to reveal daily caloric needs based on the activity level of the individual. Your Lean Mass is roughly calculated by removing your body fat percentage, away from your weight and an appropriate weight for your age and gender of organ and bone weight.

This method has been used in many health club environments to determine daily caloric needs.

The Calculation!
Body Weight [lb] x 15-16 + (activity* x 3.5).

*Minutes of Moderate Activity per Day.

Using your BMR!
Since you will likely wish to lose weight using your BMR, your target is your BMR minus 500 kcal.

Calculating Your BMR!
If you weigh 14 stones and 4 lb, you multiply 14 (stone) x 14 (lb per stone) to get 200 lb total.

You now estimate you perform 30 mins of moderate activity per day for example.

The equasion is now (200 x 15.5) + (30 x 3.5). In simpler terms 3100 + 105 = 3205 kcal.

You now need to cut your 500 kcal, 3205 – 500 = 2705.

This now makes your target for losing 1 (lb) pound per week using your BMR 2705 kcal.

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