Bodyminder Workout & Exercise Journal

Bodyminder Workout & Exercise Journal

The BodyMinder Journal is a compact and portable notebook/diary for keeping track of all your exercise experiences and progress. The BodyMinder goes beyond the cards or sheets of paper typically used for workouts with its organized and convenient journal format (below right).

In addition to workout details and other exercise, it has room for daily dietary notes and other related items.

Anyone just starting a fitness program as well as those who already work out can benefit by keeping written track of goals and progress. Personal trainers and teachers can better evaluate progress as their students strive to reach tangible goals when presented with your journal.

While using your BodyMinder Journal you’ll stay more focused on your goals… it’s a proven fact. Writing things down is a subliminal way to strengthen commitment that really works! You’ll see your strengths and weaknesses and discover where you need to improve. Have you been avoiding those ab crunches? No more fooling, or lying to yourself… it’s all there in black and white!

BodyMinder Exercise Journal Close-Up Details

BodyMinder Exercise Journal

All-inclusive format works for every type of exercise; it’s roomy and easy to use including the following features…

  • Durable leatherette cover in black or burgundy (8½” x 6″).
  • Spiral binding for writing ease 224 pages for 91 days’ worth of records.
  • Games & Competitions.
  • Fitness Expenses and more…
  • A vinyl pocket for holding notes, cards, photos, etc.
  • Cardio workouts.
  • Strength training.
  • Equipment used Equipment.
  • Time spent Calories burned
  • Heart rate
  • Difficulty
  • Muscle group
  • Other exercises
  • Meals & food counts
  • Water consumption
  • Vitamins/supplements
  • Current statistics
  • Fitness goals
  • Weekly progress
  • Personal scores and more!

You’ll be motivated to reach your workout goals. The weekly progress charts will inspire you to keep on keepin’ on. Soon, good exercise habits will become automatic. You’ll see your diet from a new prospective. Just a few days or weeks of jotting down the foods you eat can open your eyes to amazing revelations.

You’ll create a personal reference for the future and be amazed at how much you have improved since you started. If you get off track for a while, that’s OK, your BodyMinder will contain the information you need to reset your goals and get you going again!

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