Swanson 500mg Taurine Capsules

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Swanson Taurine (100 capsules 500mg)

Swanson 500mg Taurine Capsules

Great for anyone participating in strenuous physical activity Helps maintain the body’s electrolyte balance Promotes cardiovascular health An A-list amino for anyone who exercises!

Taurine – has a range of anti-catabolic and psychostimulating qualities.

An increased demand for this substance is observed in individuals coping with significant physical and mental exertion, convalescents and persons on reduction diet.

Effects of Taurine Capsules include:

Increased Endurance
Prevention of Fatigue Symptoms,
Enabling Quicker and More Effective Post-Training Therapy (PCT)
Reducing Negative Effects of Stress During Reduction Diet,
Reducing the Intensity of Muscle Protein Degradation,
Supports Creatine and Protein Transport

Swanson Taurine

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