Tip Tip: Never Go Shopping On An Empty Stomach

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You should always have a high fibre meal with carbs before you go shopping. Scientific Research has shown that shopping on an empty stomach will increase your cravings and the likelihood of you buying sugary and/or fatty foods. Where as when shopping after a healthy, high fibre meal with some carbs, people shopped for more healthy food with no interaction.

It has been shown that we shop for what our body craves at that point, so if you haven’t eaten it wasn’t carbs, sugar and fat to refuel, but if you have eaten it just wants maintenance foods.

Magnetic Shopping List

Magnetic Shopping List

You should also have a Shopping List and /or Menu Plan when you go shopping. I would suggest buying a magnetic shopping list (Right), which you can write down what you have run out of, what you fancy next time, what your low on and general track your usage.

You can buy these for a few pounds from most stores, I just find if its pretty and stick on the fridge door it doesn’t look messy its not too bad. I also find if its got lined paper its easier to write on and read back while I’m out shopping.

You should also list on it things NOT to buy, so you have it with you while your shopping, this helps you make better selections. The Golden Rule should be, “If  it’s not on my shopping list or meal plan, I DON’T buy it”. You will find that you will eat things because they are there, not because you want them, so don’t buy them in the first place.

I also have some static items that I buy week in-week out, which are like wholegrain cereal, skimmed milk, oranges, apples, bananas, 1.5 litre water bottles, 1 litre water bottles, onions, a selection of soups (I don’t always have time to use the slow cooker) and some other day to day things, so these are not on my magnetic list. I keep these in my little shopping folder, that’s not quite the one, but its that idea, I bought mine for £3 off a market stall, All my shopping stuff goes into that folder. Having it all in one place makes it so much easier to stick too, remember to take it and use it.

I always allow myself a single cheat item and nothing more, my usual cheat item a bottle of fizzy drink, or something around 500kcal for the total amount of it. This way if you find you can’t help yourself you can only cheat once, and its not something to beat yourself up over.

So eat a meal, preferable high fibre, a few carbs and filling about an hour before you go shopping but you’ll learn what times are best for you. Take your prepared shopping list and stick to it!

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