Tip Top: Exercise On, Zone Out, Lose Weight Now

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This theory works for ANY thing, so now that’s out the way lets get down to the top tip. Have you ever wondered why music is so important to your work out and why Gym’s all play very similar music  ?

101 Running Songs

101 Running Songs

Well people, music fires up the pleasure centres in your brain and allows your mind to wonder and focus or rather zone out to the music, so you kind of slip into ‘auto-pilot’ mode almost like the DVD Click, where Adam Sandler fast forwards his life.

This makes you glide and power through whatever task your doing, be it working in the office, working out, or walking a long distance.

This is the big secret to making your work outs fun, and making the time fly. Take a little time to work out, plan mellow easy going music, aggressive hard music and up-beat poppy happy music get a mix of fast, slow, bouncy and sad.

If you play the same music all along your pace will not change, and you’ll get bored you mind will lose interest. You want to play some pop, dance, rock, metal, soul, hip-hop a little of everything to keep your brain engaged.

I suggest this CD with 101 Songs which include hits from Queen, Outkast, The Fray, NickelBack, Super Grass, Wham, Lily Allen, Pink, Katy Perry] and loads more to keep your mind rocking and ensure you totally forget your working out and burning calories.

You should also buy a small MP3 Player Card Reader to Load your music onto, I personally have one of these MP3 Card Readers.  Its not much bigger than my thumb, and has a 8gb Micro SD Card in it, and I have about 500 songs on there and not even half full.  I’ll talk more about getting enough music and MP3 Players another time.

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