Top Tip: Eat Whatever You Like… But Less Of It

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You heard me, eat whatever you like, but less of it.¬†One of the biggest mistakes people make is by depriving themselves of the things they like, but that’s a massive mistake since you will end up craving all those good things you usually have.

Sooner or later you’ll end up binge eating and overeating the bad stuff.

So the trick is, have all the stuff you like but have smaller amounts, This requires more self control but small servings means you can literally eat anything you want.

I posted about smaller plates last week, this is where those even smaller plates come in.

Get a Side Plate (5 inch), and fill it with the stuff you like, being a smaller plate means you don’t need to feel guilty as you have just halved your portion size. That’s what this is all about, better portion control, deny yourself nothing, eat anything but small amounts, and your onto a winner.

A healthy balanced diet or food plan without over-indulging in any type of food is what its all about.

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