Top Tip: Every Little Bit Counts

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People always assume you must start going to the gym for 2 hours a day 3-4 days a week otherwise its not worth doing. RUBBISH!, its pure rubbish I tell you. Aside from the cost of the gym membership, its just not needed right away. Start with little steps and work up, trust me sooner or later you will want that gym membership and it will be worth every penny, just not right away.

Weighted Water Bottle

Weighted Water Bottle

Here’s the low-down scoop, alter your daily routine just a little bit to improve your fitness, its not hard to make these little changes.

My Top 5 Little Changes add up to one pretty good sized change.

  1. Park the car in the farthest corner of the car park from where you are going, that extra little walk will burn those calories.
  2. Walk down the road to next bus stop, and get off the bus a stop or two early, not only will you save on bus fare but you’ll be burning calories. 2 stops on a bus is about 10-20p per journey, throw this into a money box and put it towards that new game or gadget you want.
  3. Walk at a pace that makes you breath heavy, just fast enough that your breathing deeper will kick start your metabolism.
  4. Go Swimming once per week for a few hours, have a swim, fool around, do some laps, have fun more than anything.
  5. Extend the dogs walk (or walk a friends dog) by 5 minutes per week, plan a route and add to it.

These simple 5 steps will burn 1000s of calories, and set you on your way to turning your body into a  lean machine, while your doing this extra, don’t forget to get a Weighted Water Bottle (right) to burn those extra few calories.

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