Top Tip: Find Out What Makes You Eat ?

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I wrote about keeping a food diary last week, so I thought today I would elaborate on something else you should track in your diary. You should think about what makes you eat, what was you feeling when you went to eat?, was you hungry or just bored ? Nothing better to do ? Feeling Sad? What exactly was you thinking or feeling, write it down.

What Are Triggers?
These things are called Triggers, when your bored, frustrated, upset or any number of things, which lead you to eat when you don’t really need to eat. Putting your triggers into your food diary not only allows you to work out what makes you eat but also to take control of them, instead of them controlling you.

How Will Knowing My Triggers Help?
This is possibly the simplest of the things to learn about triggers, if you know for example you eat when your bored or have nothing better to do, then you know when your getting bored you need to find something else to do.

Go sort out your recycling, walk the dog, sort some cupboards out, do some DIY, anything that keeps you busy. I tend to read a little or check a magazine.

How Can I Avoid My Triggers?
The idea is if you know what makes you eat, you can combat that feeling or avoid it.

Another example, if you know you eat when your upset, don’t let yourself eat while upset, wait until your feeling better, or work on what upset you and avoid that particular thing.

So there you have it, if you know what makes you eat, you can start controlling it, for me it was boredom and stress. I am far from out of the woods but I’m still working on it.

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