Top Tip: Keep Food Where It Belongs

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Were all guilty of this dietary sin, we all get into the habit of eating on the go, this can be while watching TV, On The Computer, or Reading Something. Experts who have researched this say when we eat while not focussing on what we are eating, such as watching TV, we eat larger portions and more than those who are concentrating on properly chewing their food and what they are eating.

Today’s Top Tip is, sit at the kitchen or dining room table with a glass of water and concentrate on fully chewing your food, taking your time to savour the flavours and enjoy it.

Experts say you should chew your food 10-20 times, obviously depending what your eating, a spoonful of Pasta would only need 5-10 but a chunk of steak maybe 20-30 but ensure your food is fully chewed up, and drink plenty of water while your eating. This will make your digestion easier, and make you feel fuller for longer.

Just this alone will help you to consume less calories and feel fuller quicker, because your stomach has the time to tell you brain your full. If you have ever been to a buffet or all you can eat, you’ll know that when you first arrive you eat like a crazy person, then you start to feel full. Suddenly out of nowhere you feel sickly like you have over done it. This is is because it takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to realise its full, and send the appropriate response to your brain, and finally for your brain to react to say STOP!

Fully chewing your food, thinking about it, and taking your time allows this process to happen and you will be fuller sooner.

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