Top Tip: Low Calorie Alternatives Help

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This should be a Homer Simpson style D’oh moment.

Changing as many small things in your current diet to healthier low calorie options is half the battle and adds up to some pretty impressive changes overall. Many people say they can taste the difference but this is only temporary, once you have changed your tastes will change and adjust to less sugar/fat and you will find the old full sugar one too sweet, the full fat too greasy it really does happen.

My top suggestions for changes are:

Pepsi to Pepsi Max.
Bottles to Cans.
Coke to Diet Coke with Lemon.
Full Butter to Vitalite or Low Fat Spread.
Full Sugar Drinks to Lo-Cal Flavoured Water.
Full Fat Milk to Semi Skimmed.
Fried Egg to Boiled or Poached Egg.
High Fibre Breakfast Cereals.
Wholegrain Bread.

If you cut down and try to save as many calories as you can, you will soon realise you are saving 1000s of calories per week and the weight will drop off. For example changing Warburtons White Toastie bread to a wholegrain harvest grain bread, saves you around 60 kcal per slice, so if you ate 6 slices per day would be saving 360kcal which is almost 1lb of weight loss per week.

Think what you have, that you can change slightly, don’t think you have to go whole-hog all at once either. I personally for example went from full-milk to semi-skimmed and now I have semiskimmed on Shreaddies Cereal and Skimmed in my drinks. I’ll move to fully skimmed in time, so I’ll save around 600 kcal per week compared to full-milk.

Every time you cut something down, work out how many times a month you would have it, now add those calories up for the month. Saving 50 kcal on not having cream in your coffee, if you drink 10 cups a day, will save you almost 3lb a month weight loss. Add them up in weekly and monthly total, and then work to 3500 kcal = 1lb of weight loss.

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