Top Tip: More Water Equal Cleaner System and Less Appetite

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This is another simple top tip, increase your water in-take to reduce the amount you eat, and as by product it will hydrate your system. The recommended amount of water is to Six to Eight Glasses of Water, a glass of water is deemed to be around 330ml or about half a pint.

Wow it sounds like a lot doesn’t it, 3-4 pints, but its really not a lot to drink at all, I don’t personally count tea, coffee, fruit juice or anything else on my water intake. This means I routinely hit more like 6-8 points of water which keeps me pretty full. Here are some examples of painlessly fitting the water in-take into your daily diet without overloading on it.

12 Month Filtered Water Jug

12 Month Filtered Water Jug

Have a glass of water while your making your breakfast, a cup of tea, coffee or some fruit juice with your breakfast. Wholegrain High-Fibre Cereal with Skimmed Milk. (1 Glass)

Morning Snack:
A Glass of Water with your Snack (2 Glasses).

Lunch Time Meal:
A Glass of water while making your lunch, and a glass with your lunch (4 Glasses).

Afternoon Snack:
A Glass of Water with your Snack (5 Glasses).

Evening Meal:
A Glass of Water while your making your meal, and a glass while your eating your meal (7 Glasses).

Supper Snack:
A Glass of Water with your Snack (8 Glasses).

See its not that painful to have 8 glasses of water in a day, A filtered water jug like the above right, which holds 2.5 litres of filtered water, which is pretty much your daily amount, maybe a worthwhile investment into your fridge door.

I bet right now your thinking, WOW!!, 3 Snacks and 3 MealsĀ  per day, that’s a lot of food but smaller more often meals are proven to be better for dieting than larger meals. I’ll go into more detail about this another time.

Now if you factor your daily coffee, tea, breakfast milk and anything else you drink on-top your well on your way to smashing the daily liquid targets.

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