Top Tip: Muscle Burns More Calories Just To Exist

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You would think this was common sense but people still don’t realise, that muscle is metabolically more active than any other tissue. A little as 1lb of muscle burns 15kcal or more than 1lb of fat, just to stay alive and be muscle. So if you build muscle you, you not only burn calories whilst exercising to build the muscle, but the muscle itself will burn calories all day long.

Water Weight Running Bottles

Water Weight Running Bottles

In addition to the boosted metabolism, you get increased endurance; extra flexibility; reduced risk for injury; increased energy; and a lean and toned body to boot. Sounds like a pretty good deal doesn’t it, all for building a little muscle, so you win win win all the way to the gym.

Now building muscle doesn’t mean you have to look like He-Man or Sherah, a toned body is a muscular body, so you can start with something as simple as Water Weight Bottles (Right), which you hold and use like weight but carry your drinking water while working out.

There are multiple types of these, but I try to go for the ones like this, which have the nipple cap to drink from just because its easier than stopping to unscrew a bottle while I’m working out.

Top Tip: I bought some pipe cladding for a 59p from B and Q to make insulated handles so my water didn’t get warm due to my hand heat, so my water stays cool all the way through my work out. If you have an old neoprene item about you can cut this up too.

Some other things which help build muscle without even noticing are Wrist Weights, which are like weighted bracelets up to 2kg that you strap on each wrist. So every time you lift your arm, your effectively doing a 2kg weight lifting rep, just like if you was at the gym, how cool is that ?. Take it to the office with you and carry it around, take it to the water cooler and refill it, the more you carry it around the more calories you will burn, every calorie counts.

Adjustable Ankle Weights

Adjustable Ankle Weights

I also own Adjustable 5kg Ankle Weights (Left), now between you and me, I bought some cheap 2kg weights from Tesco AND the adjustable weights so I could work up heavier. I wear the cheapo Tesco ones which I think was ¬£2.99 ALL-Day around the office, going shopping and even walking the dog. The heavier ones I use while walking a lot or on the running machines, anything that’s a controlled environment.

Armed with your water weights, ankle weights, and wrist weights your good to go almost painlessly into building some simple muscle in your day to day life.

After a few weeks you won’t even remember you are wearing them, I once stepped onto the scales with 20kg of weights strapped to me because I forgot. Instead of losing 1.67kg, I actually put on 18.3kg, I almost cried, it was only when I went to the showers, that I found all the weights strapped to me.

Right my final  tip, buy a strong antiperspirant, because you will sweat A LOT under where the weights are, so a quick roll on massaged in will help you massively.

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