Top Tip: Scales May Lie, but Inches Don’t…

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I have posted about tracking your weight, recording your food intake in a diary and making as many notes about your requirements and activities as possible.

Waist Measurement Tape

Waist Measurement Tape

However there is another factor to consider, this is simply that Scales can lie to you. I say lie but its more a case of them being misleading. We all know that muscle is denser and thus weighs more than fat, so if your losing body fat but your exercising and gaining muscle the scales won’t really show this.

Let me explain, simplified, 1 kg of muscle is significantly smaller than 1kg of fat. This means if you lose 1kg of fat, but equally gain 1kg of muscle, you will lose inches but the scale won’t change.

This means you could be losing body fat but gaining muscle for example, this would show your weight not moving at all or moving very slowly, which may dishearten you.

Now the question is how do you combat this ?

Scales are a a very useful monitoring and motivational tool to have in your arsenal but they cannot be your only monitoring method.

Additionally you should measure and track in your food diary, the measurements from:

1,  The Top of Your Arms.
2, Fullest Part of Your Thighs.
3, Your Waist.
4, Your Hips.
5, Your Chest.

All of these should be checked and monitored for the inches you lose, there is another measurement method using a  Body Fat Measure tool, but I’ll talk about them another time because its quite a complex tool.

Unlike the bathroom scales, Inches never lie or mislead you.

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