Top Tip: Smaller Plates Allow More Control

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Smaller Plates Allow More Control

8 inch Dinner Plate

One of the things that always sticks with me is my Mother saying, “People in Africa would kill for your left overs so clean your plate”, or something along those lines. I now have a sense of guilt when I leave uneaten food on my plate, which means in turn I sometimes over eat for no valid reason other than this childhood memory.

Its kind of stupid when you think about it, because as a kid you had smaller plates, and ate less overall, this brings me to today’s top tip.

So today’s Top Tip is, use a smaller plate to eat your meals on just like when you was a kid.

This way you don’t have to feel guilty about licking your plate clean, because your portions are smaller. I am not talking about reducing your plate from a standard 10 inch (27cm) dinner plate to a 5 inch (14cm) side plate here or anything that drastic, what I am talking is a smaller dinner plate a few inches smaller than your current plate, like this lovely 8inch (20cm) Dinner Plate.

This may blow your mind, a 10 inch plate is actually the same size as 50% larger by area than a 8 inch plate. This is amplified when you think about Pizza, a 14 inch pizza contains the same amount of pizza as 3 whole 8 inch pizza’s. This works out the same roughly with plates.

Another perk is, you can still stack the plate just like you did the older larger plate.

I would bet that if you replaced all the plates in your house with new smaller plates, you wouldn’t even notice the difference after a few weeks. You would however be eating less and on your way to a leaner meaner body.

Don’t worry about your new smaller plate not filling you up at first its a psychological thing, just have a glass a water wait 10 minutes and if your still hungry its ok to have a piece of fruit.

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