Top Tip: Treats Are Good for You

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Yeah you heard me right, treats are good for you. If you cut all your treats out you are going to start craving them and will be more likely to have a slip and feel guilty so don’t do it. Allow yourself a number of treats, obviously low calorie or low carbs treats are best but not essential.

AK-47 Bullet Ice Cubes

AK-47 Bullet Ice Cubes

If you are going to crave chocolate for example, buy funsize or smallest bars you can find, if you have a 500g bar, you will want 500g and eat more than you planned.

Buy It Small, and Keep It Small.

If you are going to crave anything, you should build these treats into your diet, and control the craving, I usually crazy Pepsi Max, Frozen Fruit Juice or Smoothies.

Smoothies I can work into my diet for my fruit in-take so no big deal there, but I’ll talk about smoothies as part of your 5-a-day and fibre in-take another day. I bought this Kenwood Smoothie Maker, or maybe the model above, I paid ¬£52.99 from Amazon¬†about 18 months ago for mine, but I liked it because I destroys Ice Cubes and Fruit like its nothing.

I used to buy the Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) of Pepsi Max 2ltr bottles, I’d fill a glass, put some ice cubes in and take the bottle to my computer and end up drinking loads until the ice melted and I didn’t like it warm.

Ice Lolly Push Pop Maker

Ice Lolly Push Pop Maker

I solved this problem by buying 6 cans of Pepsi Max and keep them in the fridge and I bought novelty ice cube makers like Skull and Cross Bones and AK-47 Bullets (Upper Right) and use them instead.

If I have any Pepsi Max left over, I make the ice-cubes out of the Pepsi or out of Fruit Juice, Orange Juice bullets and blackcurrent skulls with apple cross bones awesome.

I also bought a frozen push pop or twist pop depending on what they was as a kid. So I pour my fruit juice into the Push Pop Maker (left) or Push Up Lolly Makers and throw them into the freezer.

So now I have a healthy treat that’s fun to have, you can freeze smoothies, fruit juice, flat fizzy drinks, almost anything to make ice-cubes, push pops, or almost anything.

I also sometimes buy the small kids size fruit juices and just freeze the small carton to make a little treat to drink/suck or eat with a knife.

With a little imagination you can turn the most mundane things into something quite fun to aid you in your healthier self goals.

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