Top Tip: Use Kitchen Scales Religiously

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One of the hardest things for humans to do is gauge things that matter to us, for guys it penis size, for girls its how close to the pavement their parked or boob size, for the weight watcher its food portion sizes. This is made harder by the use of “serving” and “portion” not being the same thing nor accounting for what you have with the food. Unlike the other things we misjudge the food one is so very easy to solve with a simple set of kitchen scales.

Digital Kitchen Scales

Digital Kitchen Scales

I would suggest a set of digital scales which can easily be zeroed, I say this because often we want to weigh things in the bowl and / or on the plate we are going to eat from to save dirtying another pot needlessly.

My own personal scales look something like these (right), they are raised about an inch off the worktop so that almost any bowl doesn’t overhang. So what I do for example with my breakfast cereal, I put my bowl or dish on them, hit the Zero button, then I scoop my cereal to about 80% of my limit, then chop my fruit to add in there up to the 100% weight.

You will be seriously amazed what your actually supposed to have compared to what you would normally have actually looks like. You should buy breakfast bowl which matches the portion size your supposed to be eating. This means you can still fool yourself into a full bowl of whatever your having, be is breakfast cereal or pasta.

The serving size bowl also helps you to “eye ball” the serving if you must or you can’t weigh your food.

I would be willing to bet that many people lose weight simply by using this step alone to reduce just how big their portions actually are.

Give it a go and see how you get on….

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