Top Tip: Visual Deterrents and Incentives

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We all know that humans are a very visual type of creature, so using¬†Visual Deterrents and Incentives is an excellent way to encourage you not to eat, or better still to eat healthier. There are 2 distinct types of visual aid that I am going to talk about, I haven’t used this method yet, but its on my list of things to try. I’ll probably post a follow-up to this when I start using this method, so keep an eye out for that.

Fat Tom Cruise

Fat Tom Cruise

Visual Deterrents!
Visual Deterrents are the first type I am going to talk about, these are the embarrassing fat / chub / overhang / bulge / etc type images that we all have, the photo from the pub with a double chin. That photo on the beach where you look more like Red October the Submarine than Tanned October in the Balearics, pretty much any photo where you look and go and “Oh My Gosh, I need to get healthy”.

These are your visual deterrent images, and stick them on the fridge doors or even on the actual naughty unhealthy items.

Go on… stick one on that box of chocolates you still have from Valentines Day last week, to remind yourself 1 chocolate is OK, but half a box isn’t. Use the worst in your opinion photos on the worst and most unhealthy items and not so bad images on the just not good stuff to remind yourself.

The more horrid and embarrassing the photo, the stronger the message, so dig deep and be strong in your choices.

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Visual Incentives!
Visual Incentives are the last and best type of visual, these inspire you lose weight for a goal. Visual Incentives can be visual images of you 5 years ago when you were slimmer or fitter. A Holiday destinations you want to go to, of an item of clothing you want to buy that would look awesome on a slimmer you.

It can be anything that makes you want to lose weight, but these in full sight of places you eat, these boost your morale and determination to be healthy and get what you want out of the process.

A good idea is to use these images in places you normally eat, near your fruit bowl,  you can use these to help you to keep your eating to the kitchen, not in front of your computer for example.

Stick things you like into your food diary, so you can be inspired to aim for them.

Much like the more horrid comment above, the more you want an item or something, the strong the boost will be, if for example you say, When I have lost 7lb I will buy myself those Dior Sunglasses for my Holiday, and when I have lost 1 stone, I’ll book my holiday, when I’ve lost 18lb, which is my target its bikini shopping time.

You’ll be on your way in no time at all!

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