SCA Stack vs T7 Stack

There is constant ambiguity between what is a T7 Stack and what is an SCA Stack. The reality is they are both the same and different, much like Diesel and Super Diesel for your car.

What is an SCA Stack ?

An SCA Stack in its puritan form is 3 simple ingridents, within a ratio range that work synergistically together to become more than the sum of their parts, I’ll talk more about this Synergy later and help you understand the rudimentary science of it.

These 3 Ingredients are strictly speaking Syephrine, Caffeine and Aspirin hence SCA, altho their exact formulation has changed from various herbs or chemicals, which convert or contain the S, C or A componants.

Alternative Formulations

Synephrine HCL Guarana White Willow Bark
Bitter Orange Peel Kola Nut Acetylsalicylic Acid
Bitter Orange Fruit Green Tea Aspirin
Epedra Yerba Mate Salicylic Acid
Ephedrine HCl Theobromine Meadowsweet
Citrus Aurantium Tea Filipendula Ulmaria
Sida cordifolia Coffee
Ma Huang Caffeine Citrate
Pinellia Caffeine Anyhydrous
Bala ** Cocoa

What is a T7 Stack ?

A T7 Stack is a minor variation on an ECA Stack (T5) and an ECY Stack (T6), there really is only one real difference between an SCA Stack and a T7 Stack, this is the addition of a 4th ingrediant which is a Grape Fruit extract called Naringin. There is great debate over if this truely helps or not, but there is the same debate over the use of Aspirin in the Stack as well.

While the effects of Naringin maybe quite small they, this ingredient allows you to alter your mix ratio, and reduce the amount of Caffeine, Many seasoned body builders claim the differences are minor but worth while.

What Else Can I Add or Change ?

There are a number of other things that people say they have added for a better or cleaner stack, by cleaner people mean less side effects. Obviously less side effects doen’t mean not as good, there some products which have almost no major side effects but work fantastically well.

People usually take away the Aspirin or add a 4th or 5th element, these include Tyrosine which has been shown to be a better prostaglandin inhibitor than Aspirin, and has other desirable side effects to many people add Tyrosine to their stack or take tyrosine with their stack. The same goes for Milkthistle, Yohimbe, Yohimbine and Horny Goat Weed, everyone has different opinions to what works best for them.

What is this Synergy ?

Synergy is where different entities cooperate advantageously for a final outcome. If used in a supplement it means that the ingredients will produce an overall better result if taken together, than if each product was taken alone and working toward the same goal. This means that Caffeine enables the Synephrine, and Aspirin enables the Synephrine and Caffeine to work better, so rather than 1+1+1=3, its more a case of 1+1+1=111.

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