ASN Thermo Lean Hardcore 120 Capsules

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ASN Thermo Lean Hardcore 120 CapsulesIntroducing the new ASN Thermo Lean Hardcore Edition, a cutting-edge market leading fat burner designed to exceed even the highest of expectations. The proprietary blend of 6 complimentary stimulants is an industry first and also includes another industry leading 450mg of the highest grade Bitter Orange Peel (Synephrine) which not only ensures a significant boost to your metabolism but also provides a much increased total calorie output.

The resulting high energy levels are both long acting and jitter free allowing you to safely burn more fat without feeling anxious or nauseas.

Whether you desire more focus and drive during your workouts or simply want the proven fat burning benefits, you can rest assured our precise blend of synergistic stimulants are exceptionally potent, safe and sourced from the very finest raw materials.

Furthermore ASN Thermo Lean Hardcore contains (per 2 capsule serving), 200mg of Phenylalanine, an amino acid which may suppress appetite by increasing a hormone called CKK giving a feeling of fullness. Phenylalanine is also a pre-cursor to L-Tyrosine another amino acid (also included at 25mg) and universally recognised/acknowledged for elevating feelings of happiness and well being; essential to the success of any restricted calorie regime.

Not only does Thermo Lean Hardcore help suppress appetite and enhance mood but weve also included polyphenols, powerful anti-oxidants derived from the purest Green Tea Extract, again proven to support immune function for disease prevention and a feeling of general well-being. We genuinely believe that ASN Thermo Lean Hardcore offers the complete solution to help you achieve your goals and desired look while offering outstanding value for money.

Price: £16.99 from Affordable Supplements

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