Beast Yourself Shredded Beast

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Beast Yourself Shredded BeastIntroducing The New Pre-Workout Thermogenic Benchmark: Shredded Beast. Shredded Beast is a revolutionary new type of pre-workout supplement thats specifically engineered to maximise fat loss during cardio workouts. If you regularly undertake cardiovascular training (CVT) as a means of achieving or maintaining low levels of body fat then this is the product for you!

This no compromise, sugar free formula consists of a synergistic blend of 15 research proven actives that combine together to give you the ultimate catalyst in weight management. The whole concept behind Shredded Beast is to scientifically identify and address every single requirement necessary in order to achieve maximum calorie output through your CVT.

This great tasting, cutting edge micro formula really is the key to engineering a superior fat burning environment by creating: A HIGHLY STIMULATED METABOLIC RATE, ENHANCED LEVELS OF MENTAL FOCUS, INCREASED LEVELS OF GROWTH HORMONE AND OPTIMUM UTLISATION OF ENERGY.

Heres how you stand to maximise your fat loss from the Worlds first performance fat burner: A Highly Stimulated Metabolic Rate: Shredded Beast contains an industry first Stimulant Matrix (SM) of 1350mg per 15g sugar free serving. This is headed up by the industrys Number 1 fat burning active Bitter Orange Peel (Synephrine) at 750mg. To further stimulate your metabolic rate (which accounts for 60-70% of your total calorie output) and maximise fat loss weve also included 300mg Caffeine, 200mg of Green Tea and 100mg of Cocoa Extract which provides a longer acting SM seeing you through even the most arduous of cardio workouts.

A major benefit of a highly stimulated metabolic rate is the positive affect this has on energy levels and what better way to utilise these by spending more time burning fat calories? This is made even easier by the fact that Shredded Beast only contains 2g of carbohydrate per serving and no sugar.

Price: £29.99 from Affordable Supplements

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