Grenade Thermo Detonator 44 Caps

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Grenade Thermo Detonator 44 Caps

Grenade combines the highest quality, maximum potency ingredients to help support a metabolic rate and a level of appetite that could naturally support fat metabolism and weight management.

With a massive 500mg of Green Tea extract per serving, Grenade packs just about the biggest punch in the industry with regard to this proven ingredient. Carefully processed green tea extracts contain specific levels of molecules called “catechins” – these are chemical polyphenols that have been shown to have positive effects on body weight and measurements and to have strong antioxidant and health-supportive properties.

Of particular interest is the catechin “epigallocatechin gallate”, which has been extensively clinically studied in several scientific studies and is probably the most important legal, natural molecule in the war on fat!

Again, not scrimping on expensive, high-quality ingredients, Grenade delivers the highest Bitter Orange Powder levels of any major weight management product on the market! Why only use a sprinkling of effective ingredients, when you can deliver the goods with a proper dose? A full 420mg of Bitter Orange – also known as Citrus Aurantium or Synephrine, which naturally contains octopamine – has been deployed.

Most people who’ve been around the block know that this stuff packs a punch! Specifically, Synephrine and Octopamine have subtle effects on the hormone norepinephrine (among others) and this is believed to be the body’s most important hormone in support of fat oxidation (using fat for energy).

Designed To Support Your Weight Management Goals With Caffeine, Green Tea & Bitter Orange Powder Suitable For Men & Women

Ingredients: Green Tea: 500 mg; Bitter Orange Powder (Synephrine): 420 mg; Caffeine: 225 mg; Cayenne: 200 mg; Phenylalanine: 25 mg; Green coffee: 10 mg; Bulking agent (magnesium stearate), Gelatin Capsule (purified water, colours: E133, E102 and E129), Titanium Dioxide.


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