Inferno 2 Thermogenic Fat Burner

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Inferno 2Inferno 2 is a leading weight management agent. It is classed as a thermogenic fat burner. It contains some of the best ingredients today such as Caffeine, Bitter Orange Peel (Synephrine), Green Tea Extract, Guarana Seed Powder and D-Biotin.

Bitter Orange Peel Extract provides a ingredient called Synephrine which is a similar product to Ephedrine, but a little more mild and longer lasting.

Caffeine is the main ingredients in this product. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that can be used to improve physical strength and endurance. Caffeine helps sensitize neurones and provides us with mental stimulation. We have something called Adenosine Receptors. Adenosine relaxes and sedates our receptors located in the brain.

Caffeine actually prevents this which causes alertness and wakefulness. Caffeine is also known to boost metabolic rate and heart rate. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, sending direct signals to our fat cells telling them to break down fat.

Another key ingredients in this product is called Guarana, this is gives off an energizing effect just like caffeine. Guarana is released slowly into your body which would provide you with a long sustained energy release to fuel you through a full workout.
This will power you through your workout helping you reach the goals that you’re aiming for.

Price: £28.00 from Monster Supplements

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