Top Tip: Fixed Exercise Length

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Most authorities and experts recommend 45-90 minutes of additional physical activity and exercise a day to stay healthy and keep trim. The more you add the more you will gain in the loss department so aim for the top end of the scale.

101 Ways to Workout with Weights

101 Ways to Workout with Weights

An excellent suggestion that’s both fun and achievable for all of us, is swimming. Yes as simple as going to the pool for 2 hours, I say 2 hours because going to the pool and swimming back and 2 is kinda boring. Aim for 2 hours with a little fun time in there as well, as a fun indicator, see how many laps you can do before you get tired, jot this down in your diary.

Each time you go aim to add 1 more lap onto that, then you feel you could go more, go for an extra 5. Each time you go now add 5 more laps on.

The weight will just drop off you without it seeming to be boring, and you’ll be working all those main muscle groups too. Mix up the strokes, breast stroke, doggy, butterfly, take a pool weight or a ball and play around. I used to use a 1p coin, throw it in then dive in and swim down to retrieve it.

Its also worth adding weight-bearing exercises several times per week, weight bearing doesn’t mean going to the gym and bench pressing¬†200kg while screaming beefcake, beefcake at the mirror.

Simply getting wrist and ankle weights and a water bottle as I have spoken about previously will help you get started while walking, power walking or jogging.

You should then increase the weight as you feel comfortable, I haven’t read this particular book (right) but its description looks like its a good start for load bearing exercises. Seems like its all stuff you can do at home or anywhere else you do so feel like.

If you have the book or buy the book do let me know how you get on.

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