Top Tip: Track Your Measurements

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I touched on this a while ago with my Scales May Lie post, but its a good subject, so I’m going to carry on going with it the tracking and monitoring of your losses and or gains (muscle) as it maybe. I borrowed this image from LiquidFit (Wetsuit Makers), I hope a link back is a fair trade.

Its a little more in-depth for measuring than I would ideally go with, but just because it shows a line doesn’t mean you have to measure there. The more data points you have the more you will see every pound of weight loss drop away, or every bit of muscle growth so it maybe worth going overboard and measure appropriately.

If your working your biceps hard, then expecting a reduction in inches isn’t smart after a certain point.

Body Measurements

Body Measurements

I personally would measure the following points (numbers match the image)…

3, Neck: measure at the Adam’s apple.
4, Upper chest (at the armpits).
5, Chest: measure at the nipple line
6, Waist: measure at the navel (belly button).
7, Hips: measure at the base of the spine.
8, Thigh: measure high up on the leg in the groin area
9, Mid-thigh: measure half way between the thigh and the knee.
12, Calf: measure the thickest part of the lower leg
13, Ankle: measure one finger width above the ankle bone.
14, Bicep: measure at the muscle part of the upper arm.
15, Elbow: measure at the knob of the elbow.
16, Forearm: measure at the thickest part of the lower arm.

Tracking some or all of these points will give you a valuable insight to where your weight it coming from and allow you to try and target area’s to either lose more from or work out more to gain extra size there.

Its not entirely uncommon for weight loss to hit random places, like your belly is usually the first shrink but unfortunately one of the hardest to fully get rid of, so you will see this going down possibly when your scales are telling you otherwise. Your hips and thighs will often see an early loss of size in a weight loss diet as well, so keep an eye on it.

In the notes section of your food diary, make up a short code like N for Neck, UC for Upper Chest etc,  then each week when you measure yourself, jog down N: 19, UC: 37 etc just a series of numbers.

You’ll be seeing those numbers dropping like no ones business, thus reinforcing your weight loss so you can actually see it happening via the scales, and via the inches.

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