Top Tip: Before, During and After Photographs

Written on 23/03/2017 – 15:15 | by admin |
Before, During and After

Before, During and After

This blog “One Mans Journey” is the perfect example of how you should track your weight loss, taking regularly fortnightly or monthly photo’s on the same day at the same time, in the place place wearing the same clothing (assuming it still fits).

Yeah yeah yeah its not nice to see your rolls and flab all hanging out, but look at the transformation, its nothing short of amazing.

Seriously, look at the photo’s to the right of this post, the man has gone from chunky monkey to a lean mean fighting machine. His shape has totally changed, and he’s looking good.

Taking these regular photo’s you can see the muscle growing and tone coming through, you can see the fat loss, you can see your body change, and you can use this to help co-ordinate your work out to concentrate on the areas you want more tone, bigger muscle or more fat loss.

You can follow this man’s lead and keep a blog, which people can follow and this will FORCE you on, keep you on the right track. Not only this but your struggle will help many in the future just as this man has with many people.

Now you need a few things to help with this, I suggest a Polaroid Pogo – Digital Instant Mobile Printer, you can take the photo’s on your mobile phone, bluetooth them directly to the printer, and print them off in sticker form.

Stick them bad boys directly onto your weight loss journal, fridge door or anywhere else you want. Anywhere which will help to push you on, and give you some drive.

If you don’t want to use your phone there is a Polaroid PoGo 2 – Digital Instant Mobile Instant Printer and Camera in 1. This is a Printer and Camera in 1, and prints in under a minute ready to log your progress.

Oh yeah you’ll need paper to print, so 70 print pack which should be plenty to map your progress for around £12, so pretty cheap too. Taking photos on your mobile phone isn’t as good for effect as having actual physical photographs.

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