Top Tip: Track Your Weight On The Scales

Written on 27/02/2017 – 12:22 | by admin |

Some people avoid the scales but this will not help you to lose weight, you should regularly check your weight. The trick is to not obsess over your scales, weighing yourself daily will lead to disappointment as your weight will fluctuate up or down several points from day to day.

Weight Loss Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker

Some people who want to chart their loss and gains by the day just so they can see what’s going on, should really be doing this along with a weight loss tracker plan, which is like an extension of the food diary and what makes you eat. Using a Weight Loss Tracker can offer you what is called insights.

Insights are where you can compare your recorded weight with your in-take, exercise and everything else you do and you look for patterns that have resulted. This can be noticing that every time you go to the the gym for swimming your lose more inches off your body than weight, or that certain things resultĀ  in multiple days of weight increase, or decrease meaning you can hone your dieting in.

By looking for insights you can clean your diet and plans up to make them more effective for you.

Realistically if you do decide to record daily, you should weigh in at the same time each day, for me this is after my morning teeth brushing and toilet visit. You should also only track a weekly number, say Mondays for your weight loss goals.

Daily Tracking is only for monitoring your lifestyle, not for tracking your weight loss. There are apps like MyFitnessPal and various others which can help too. I use both a diary and an app.

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